SK vs. FaZe – ESL Pro League Odense – Grand Finals

The extremely anticipated Grand Final between SK and FaZe, the current rank #1 and #2 in the world, is played in Odense, Denmark. FaZe Clan comes into the game with a lot of pressure, but so does SK Gaming. Both teams has many fans across the world, but as Karrigan is Danish, I believe most people in the crowd in Odense, Denmark, will cheer for him and FaZe Clan. SK Gaming on the other hand has a great history with many huge victories during the last 2-3 years. That spiced with Fallen’s incredible personality, it’s hard to tell who will be the crowd’s favorite team.

Even though both teams come into the match with a lot of pressure Ladislav ‘GuardiaN’ Kovács says in pre-match interview, that he believes SK Gaming is the best team in the world. He says that if they win against SK Gaming in a 5-map finals, he will have the confidence to call him and FaZe Clan the best in the world.

SK vs FaZe close up

Banning Phase

  1. FaZe removes Cobblestone
  2. SK removes Nuke
  3. FaZe Picks Inferno
  4. SK Picks Overpass
  5. FaZe Picks Mirage
  6. SK Picks Train
  7. Cache is Left

This is eventually how it would end out, but I think SK comes out on top here. They have a huge map pool, but with Mirage, Overpass and Train for them, they have this grand final set up for a victory.

Inferno 16:13 (8:7 – 8:6)

This map was extremely close, with many great plays. Coldzera really played will during this game, including an amazing clutch 1v1 against the swedish Olofmeister. He pistols him with a CZ-27, eventually claming the bomb-side. It wasn’t enough in the end though, as Faze Clan came out on top.

Overpass 11:16 (8:7 – 3:9)

Amazing plays from Karrigan on the A bomb-side. Twice during the map he gets 3-4 kills while defending the bomb-side. And you could hear the Danes cheer for him in the crowd, now that Astralis and North did not qualify. Ofofmeister had a great game as well, and he has really come back after moving away from swedish fnatic. Taco had an amazing game as well, clutching several times during important times for SK, eventually claiming them the victory.

One thing, that was fun though, was coldzera’s teamkill, of TACO. In the GIF below you can see how he accidentially noscope-headshots TACO. The crowd went wild!

Mirage 9:16 (2:13 – 7:3)

This map, as well as overpass, is simply one of SK’s bests, I believe. When I first saw SK gaming playing Mirage, I was thoroughly impressed. The way TACO and coldzera holds the B-bombside as CT’s is just magic. Once again we see GuardiaN owning with the CZ-27 almost clutching one of the most important rounds for FaZe. As the analysts says on the after-match session, SK really has the confidence during this map. A confidence that was not the same during Overpass, even though they won it. You coudl actually see it in FalleN’s eyes.

Fer had a great game as well, pushing through smokes at the right times, and eventually catching Olofmeister and NiKo during a window boost. He does this with a UMP, which makes it even more crucial for SK. Olofmeister did catch Fer several times, during his weird pushing though, which was quite impressive. This is not something that is easy, as it’s extremely hard to know where and when Fer is going to push – something that SK is known for.

One thing the analysts noticed was the lack of communication from Olofmeister and GuardiaN. This is a natural thing, when they are going from speaking a native language in fnatic and NaVi. Multiple times we see it, and especially there’s one time when when Karrigan had to tap the bomb, in order to push out TACO from CT-spawn, but he was never able to, because Olofmeister didn’t cover him.

 Train (im not spoiling this!)

Train starts out with SK crushing FaZe, winning the first 8 rounds. TACO plays a a great game. Take a look at this clip, where he almost clutches against three players. This was incredibly close, but great job from rain holding the defuse!

And just after this play rain is on it once again. This time taking a great 4k and after that claming the ACE!

rain kills five ace

Just a couple more rounds, and the first half actually ends up 8-7, what an amazing comeback from FaZe Clan. Starting out in second half FaZe takes the first three rounds, ending up with a 8-11 lead, but it only lasts so long. SK takes a great eco round. Even though Fer has played an amazing match so far, he struggles a bit on train. We see him multiple times being able to take lots of kills, but his aim is just not on point. But his team backs hi up and they take the lead again 12-11. SK now takes a tactical time out to put out even more pressure on FaZe.

Fer picks himself up and gets some great kills in pop dog room. Now it’s 15-11, in SK’s favor. They now have tournament point, and are able to claim the $225,000 prize!

In the final final final round this play happens. That’s simply AWESOME! We’re gonna see a new graffiti!

Ends 15-15. We’re going into overtime!

FalleN plays a great round, and it’s 18-16 for SK. Tournament point once again.

Going into the (maybe) last round, we see a double AWP setup from FallaN, coldzera, GuardiaN and olofmeister. Fer Plays a great round taking two amazing kills, rain comes back, but TACO takes one out. GuardiaN goes agressive, but Boltz says NO.

It’s tournament point for SK Gaming, and they are now crowned champions of the ESL Pro League Finals, played in Odense Denmark.

Congratulations – what a ride!

We hope to be there next year, and hopefully the players will use the Envavo Heatbuff for improved reaction time, more comfort, less chance for injuries and more amazing plays!

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