Envavo Heatbuff

No more cold hands while gaming!

Comfort beyond anything you've tried before.

Improve your reaction time by 8-10%

Worldwide 2-5 days FREE shipping

"As seen at the ESL Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice 2019"

See why 1000+ gamers trust Envavo Heatbuff!

"As seen at the ESL Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice 2019"

"What is the future of gaming? It's warm hands."


"This could be the 'hot' new product to give pro gamers an edge in the cold."


"A comforting warmth that's basically an invisible hug for your hands."


"Envavo Heatbuff - a revolutionary infrared heater"


"The Envavo Heatbuff gently warms your hands without melting your keyboard"


Warm hands. Always.

Why do hands always get­ cold in critical moments?

Adrenaline. When your body releases adrenaline, it's ready to get injured so it draws the blood back from you extremeties, such as your hands. Really smart if you are about to get assaulted by a lion, not very smart when gaming.

The Envavo Heatbuff uses natural infrared waves, which improves the blood flow in your hands to keep them warm.

Warm hands. Always.

Envavo Heatbuff warms your hands to a perfect 33°C almost twice as fast!

What do fellow gamers say?

I love this product so much. I have suffered from cold hands all my life and this is the only product of the 100s I have tried that actually works.

Bill Young

Really enjoy the Envavo Heatbuff, I no longer have to play with cold hands. Would recommend instead of the standard hand warmers.

Timothy "Autimatic" Ta, CS:GO Professional at Cloud9

The Envavo Heatbuff came in today. I have it on for 5 minutes and it's already doing its work for the discomfort in my hands. The cold and humid weather goes bone deep and I feel it ebbing away. Perfect for chronic pain.

Tessa Hastjarjanto

The Heatbuff is fantastic! It doesn't get warm while I'm using it when I play CS:GO and it keeps my hands warm all way through the match.
I just absolutely love it


Dennis Plougmann, CS:GO casual

Improved performance. Better aim. More kills.

Worldwide FREE shipping

Comfortable to use

Completely eliminates discomfort when gaming

Safe to use

Warms your hands - not your keyboard

Cheap to use

90-95% cheaper to use than traditional heaters

Expensive? Do the math

Compare Envavo Heatbuff with alternatives

Envavo Heatbuff
179 USD

80 Watt

Standard heater
30 USD

2000 Watt

Cost after 1 year

Heater179 USD30 USD
Power15 USD370 USD
Total250 USDEnvavo Heatbuff400 USDStandard

Worldwide FREE shipping

More about the awesome features

Customizable angles

Heating both hands

We made sure both your mouse hand and your keyboard hand are warm during play.

Not just when you're dead.

Cheap to run

Low power consumption

Traditional heaters use up to 2000 watt. Envavo Heatbuff only uses 80 watts.

This makes it cheaper to run.

Quality components

Keep on gaming!

The infrared bulb lasts for at least 5.000 hours, and we have carefully selected the best manufacturers to ensure a long lifetime.

That's YEARS of gaming!

Perform better

8-10% improved reaction time and better precision due to blood circulation


Completely silent during use

Made in Denmark

Designed and manufactured for a long lifetime.

By gamers. For gamers.

Started in a basement

The idea for the Envavo Heatbuff came during a gaming session a cold winter night in Emil's basement in Denmark.

We quickly realized we were not the only ones with discomfort, slow reaction time and less dexterity because of cold hands while gaming.

That is why we designed the Envavo Heabuff.

Improved performance. Better aim. More kills.

Worldwide FREE shipping


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