What Role Should You Play in Dota 2?

Dota 2 offers many different roles. In many ways it’s the most complex moba out there with so many different heroes and roles that break the meta. Back in DotA there we’re many roles as well, but with Dota 2 this has become even more complex, so it’s important for you to find a role / position that fits your personality, so you won’t end up becoming mad about playing your role.

If you’re like me, you’re playing in a team and you want to know exactly what role or position fits you the best. That’s why we have made this roles guide with help from top tier players.

Take the test below!

Do you have an agressive or calm playstyle?

Does your final score mean a lot, or is it OK with a fine scoreboard if your team wins?

What's your favorite item in Dota 2?

Do you enjoy learning new strats?

How good are you at communication?

Do you enjoy ganking other players?

Do you like empowering other players to be better?

Do you like to left alone or walk around with your team?

What should your role in Dota 2 be?
Carry (1)
You're the one taking all the farm. Your job is to farm creeps, get well fed and win the game in the mid/late stages. You will most likely be weak in the beginning, but you will come out strong once you have some gold in your pocket.
Mid (2)
You're the captain, the one setting up ganks, plays and all that jazz. Your job is to dominate your opponent in a 1n1 mid, and then start helping your team with ganks as soon as possible
Off-laner (3)
Your job is to go off lane, which means you're not scared of taking on a challenge. Try your best to win your lane, but a win is not necessary, as long as you get a good amount of XP and don't die. After this you'll be helping out your team as much as possible.
Roamer (4)
Ganks. Ganks. Ganks. That's your job. You're the playmaker and you make those big plays happen over and over again by dominating every lane with your ganks!
Support (5)
Your job is to help the team with wards, counter wards and general support with ganks and a good laning presence with lots of harrasment. Dont expect too much farm, but use what you have to empower your team with supportive items and plays!

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