Esports Championship Series: ECS – Finals

Astralis vs Mousesport  16-12 – Train The last day of ECS kicked off with Astralis vs Mousesport. Astralis goes into the first game on Train picked by Mousesport. The Danes found themselves losing the first gun round, followed up by 3 consecutive rounds into the Mouse show and astralis manages to pick up a round. From here they snowballed and managed to amass a total of 7 rounds in a row. Check out one of the highlights here Mousesport would then go on to dominate the second part of the game, with “suNny” clutching a 1v2 closing Train 16-12 in … Read more

Esports Championship Series: ECS day 1

ecs day 1 mexico band

Last night, in the warm city of Cancun, Mexico, ECS has brought us an incredible show introducing the event with local music and songs. The teams, casters and guests are all staying at the Hard Rock Hotel which is situated right beside the ocean. Fnatic vs LG: 16-11 – Cobblestone The first game features Fnatic taking on LG again after beating them last time on Cobblestone. After the veto, the map turns out to be Cobble again, Giving LG a chance at redemption, and an opportunity to show how much they have improved since ESL Odense where they performed well … Read more