September/October Update – Envavo Heatbuff

Hi dear backers and community members!

First of all – we apologize for the delay on this update, many have requested updates, but there has been a lot of different things that had to fall into place before we wanted to send it out.

This is an update we all have been waiting for for a long time, and it’s something we’re extremely happy to announce.


Below is an update on all the components. Remember: with any production line that has a lot of suppliers, it’s still possible with delays. If just one thing is delayed, we will get behind schedule, so we hope this will not happen and we will keep you informed if that’s the case.

With that said, we have done our research. We have gotten samples from all of our suppliers and we have done the due diligence to make sure they are able to deliver on time. This does not mean problems cannot occur – we are all human, but we have set everything up for success!

Metal components

We have various different metal components in our product both for support, weight and more difficult parts like the reflector and grill. Last week we started the production of our grill, which is a quite difficult component to manufacture. Luckily we have an extremely talented supplier who’s helping us developing and manufacturing this. Below are some sample images – they look great!

Supplier 1

Supplier 2

The two samples are from two different companies, so we know we get the best quality. We narrowed this down from 35 companies to two, and now we have decided on the product that is the best quality.

We have received these samples and tested them – man the quality is good!


At the beginning of October, we met with our plastics manufacturer. This is the big part when starting up a production, and we’re thrilled about the Danish supplier we have found. He makes products of extremely high quality and is fast on delivery, which is exactly what we need. Here are some pictures of his facilities when we went to meet with him. This is where the Envavo Heatbuffs will be built.


Finally, we have some electronic components going into the product. We’re getting custom made LEDs for the Envavo Heatbuff as it’s the only way it will look “perfect” in our opinion. Sure this is expensive, but it will be worth it in the end for our backers.

The printed circuit board is engineered and built by a Danish manufacturer with a history of high quality. They will start production shortly.


You know you’re far into the process when you start to think about the packaging. While this part is less important than the actual product, we still feel that a premium product like the one you’ll receive deserves a good packaging solution. Our talented intern Iulia has been working for the past month on making something cool for you guys. We will not spoil the surprise, you’ll have to wait until you open the products!

Final looks

Our engineer Martin made a 3d-render of how the final product might look like, so we thought it would be ideal to share it with you guys as well. We posted this on our Instagram, not long ago so make sure to follow us there to not miss anything!

Final Prototype

Friday this week we build the final prototype with reflectors, grills, LEDs and injection mold ready 3d-print. Below is a picture. (the LEDs colors are just for testing, they will be blue / red / green / white) we have a little work to do on the LED’s still regarding the light in the corners as you can see, but we have a good solution in the making!

Expected delivery time

.. and finally, what you’ve all been waiting for (including ourselves) – our expected delivery time. We expect to be finished with getting all components to Denmark by the 30th of November, and from then we will start assembly. This will take approximately 2 weeks and then we’ll start shipping to all backers at the same time.

Delivery times may vary. We expect Europeans to receive their products first, then Americans and finally the rest of the world. We will, however, ship everything at the same time.

We expect to deliver in December 2018, but please bear in mind that this is an expected date, in case one of our suppliers cannot deliver on what they have promised us, we will not be able to reach this – it’s highly unexpected, but things can happen as we’re all humans.

Best wishes,

Mads & Emil

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