Healthy Gaming – How to Make Gaming Better

Healthy gaming refers to adjusting your current habits to a healthier approach. Despite the fact that gaming carried the stigma of being a slightly unhealthy hobby in the past, it has become a very popular free time activity and actually a job for some. Even if you are casually enjoying a few games or you are a hardcore pro player who strives to be the best, there are some tips that will help you practice a healthier gaming activity. Based on advice given by gamers and pro players, we set up a quick tips & tricks list so you can … Read more

Cable management, what is it and how to do it?

Cable management is a must for a gamer’s knowledge! Your dream setup is all in place and you are left with all those annoying wires and cables hanging tangled behind your desk? We always see those cool setup pictures from eSports players, streamers and gamers and they not only look amazing but also very organized. Ever wondered how they do that? In this article, we will explain what cable management is, why you should do it and of course, how to do it. What is cable management exactly? It is the process of organizing the cables from your setup’s hardware … Read more

Hand Warmer Comparison for Gaming

Hand warmers for gamers are starting to become a thing within gaming, with the start coming from Envavo Heatbuff’s launch on Kickstarter.  In this blog post, we’ll look at the different hand warmers that are out there already, to see which would be best to invest in. I will not give you my opinion, as it is clearly influenced by the fact that I helped invent the Envavo Heatbuff. With that said, I have a lot of know-how within the business and know which products are out there, for gaming! Hot Hands Hand Warmer These are regular hand warmers, made … Read more

Gaming Equipment You Need for Your Setup

Gaming equipment

If you are looking to be properly decked out in terms of gaming equipment, there are seven important bases you absolutely need to cover in order to dominate. Below, you will find these important gaming equipment pieces, along with our suggestions as to what is the best of each device available on the market. Monitor When it comes to gaming equipment, it is crucial that you have a monitor that is made for the fast movement and quick reaction times needed to play at a higher level. If you are in the market for a new monitor, here are a … Read more

Keyboard Hand Warmer For Gamers & Office Workers

Keyboard hand warmer for gamers and office workers

We’re the inventors of the Keyboard Hand Warmer “The Envavo Heatbuff”, made for gamers and office workers, as well as people with arthritis. Keyboard Hand Warmer – what is it? A Keyboard Hand Warmer for us, means an infrared high-quality warmer that sits between your monitor and your keyboard. And yea.. it warms your hands! There are many ways to warm up your hands, and we have discussed this in another blog post on the site, but we believe the absolute best way to do it is without even having to do anything. Sounds cool, right? Normally you would rub … Read more

Eleague major Quarterfinals

Faze v Mouz Beginning the first quarterfinal with Faze taking on Mouz it promises to be some great games. Faze got off to a great start getting the usual 3 rounds with Mouz using their first gun round right and takes two consecutive rounds. Both teams are looking strong, faze takes another round which mouz follows up with two more tieing it out 4-4. Quickly Mouz took a leap ahead getting 3 rounds in a row only letting Faze have 2 rounds before Mouz closes out the first half 9-6. Faze copy and pasted their success into the second half … Read more

Improving Reaction Time For Gamers: The Ultimate Guide

Ultimate Reaction Time Guide

Your reaction time plays a vital role in any video game you play. You know the feeling… You’re facing your opponent in a tense AWP 1 vs. 1 showdown. Your opponent clicks 0.0042 seconds faster than you do, and BOOM! You’re dead. If only you had reacted just a tiny bit faster, you would have had him! You had him right there in your sights. Right in your crosshair – 100% chance, no doubt about it (right?!). Now, we’re going to talk about reaction time in gaming. As previously stated, it is one of the most important factors for success … Read more

Eleague Major Boston – Day 3

Eleague Major Boston day 3

As the weekend comes to an end the cs scene continues to bloom as the qualifiers are underway in Boston. Today we saw close games, one-sided games and the first overtime between G2 and Vega Squadron. Quantum Bellator Fire v Faze – 6-16 – Mirage  The first half saw aggressive plays from QBF as they took the first 3 rounds. Faze were quick to gather their forces and managed to secure the first rifle round and successfully translated that to a 6 round win streak, putting the pressure on QBF. However, QBF managed to pull one out of the hat … Read more

Eleague Major Boston – day 1

Vega squadron v Renegades – 16-14 – Mirage The game starts out with Vega taking the first two rounds but then quickly are set back by Renegades in an early gun round making it 2-1. As the game progresses Vega manages to secure a solid lead taking halftime at 10-5. Vega keeps up the pace with “mir” doing some heavy lifting for the team running over Renegades and making it a 15-9. Vega starts to choke giving Renegades too much room which allows for a 15-14 comeback from the Aussies. *Nifty shows a lot of patience and great reactions with … Read more

Esports Championship Series: ECS – Finals

Astralis vs Mousesport  16-12 – Train The last day of ECS kicked off with Astralis vs Mousesport. Astralis goes into the first game on Train picked by Mousesport. The Danes found themselves losing the first gun round, followed up by 3 consecutive rounds into the Mouse show and astralis manages to pick up a round. From here they snowballed and managed to amass a total of 7 rounds in a row. Check out one of the highlights here Mousesport would then go on to dominate the second part of the game, with “suNny” clutching a 1v2 closing Train 16-12 in … Read more