Keyboard Hand Warmer For Gamers & Office Workers

We’re the inventors of the Keyboard Hand Warmer “The Envavo Heatbuff”, made for gamers and office workers, as well as people with arthritis.

Envavo Keyboard Hand Warmer

Keyboard Hand Warmer – what is it?

A Keyboard Hand Warmer for us, means an infrared high-quality warmer that sits between your monitor and your keyboard. And yea.. it warms your hands! There are many ways to warm up your hands, and we have discussed this in another blog post on the site, but we believe the absolute best way to do it is without even having to do anything. Sounds cool, right?

Normally you would rub your hands together, put them on the sides of a hot cup of coffee, or maybe you have one of those China-knock-off power bank look-alike products that you need to hold your hands around, in order to get your hands warm.

We believe these methods are inefficient, not user-friendly and they won’t work well for gamers or office workers, who actually need warm hands while using the Keyboard (not in between!). So we invented the only real Keyboard Hand Warmer. The Heatbuff keeps your hands using Infrared waves in a specific spectrum designed to increase blood flow.

Here’s what one of our test-users, Hanne, had to say about our product. She is an office worker with Arthritis and severe issues with cold hands. She uses gloves and is in desperate need of a Keyboard Hand Warmer. She said the following:

“I felt the heat to the core of my hands, not just on the surface.”

That is the difference one of the many differences between a Keyboard Hand Warmer and any of the products that use electricity which you need to hold your hands on. They heat on the surface – not to the core.

Infrared waves do that, and it increases the blood flow by up to 80%, which is a dramatic increase when trying to get cold hands become warm.

The other thing that the Heatbuff Keyboard Hand Warmer does a good job of, is that it warms your cold hands while you use the keyboard. You don’t have to remove them and become unproductive or stop gaming. You can actually get your hands warm just by typing or gaming. We think that’s pretty amazing, and it’s been a huge convenience for anyone who has used our product.

But removing the need for holding onto the product in order to get your cold hands, become warm, also comes with some complexities. What if you place your hands out of the scope of the Keyboard Hand Warmer? What if the product heats up your keyboard, and not only just your hands? What if it melts something?

Thanks for the great questions. I’m happy to answer them 🙂

What if you place your hands out of the scope of the Keyboard Hand Warmer?

First of all, we have made it so that our Keyboard Hand Warmer actually has a rotatable twin-head. It consists of two separate “houses” from where one of them is rotatable. This ensures that no matter how you sit at your desktop computer, you will keep having warm hands. We made this feature based on user feedback from the social media, where millions of people saw our product and gave us incredible feedback from where we could develop the product.

What if the product heats up your keyboard, and not only just your hands?

We have specifically chosen infrared waves because it heats up specific surfaces, like your hands, while it is not nearly as effective on surfaces like PLA-plastics which most keyboards are made of. Through intensive testing, we’ve come up with a solution that keeps your keyboard nice and regular, while your hands will be toasty and sweet!

The same thing goes for the melting part. It simply won’t emit that amount of heat, while it will still emit enough for your hands to remain warm.


In conclusion a Keyboard Hand Warmer is a product like the Heatbuff. A product that keeps your hands warm WHILE you’re using your keyboard. Not just in between sessions. We want your hands to be nice and warm while you actually need it – all the time.

The Keyboard Hand Warmer “The Envavo Heatbuff” is available on our website.

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