Healthy Gaming – How to Make Gaming Better

Healthy gaming refers to adjusting your current habits to a healthier approach. Despite the fact that gaming carried the stigma of being a slightly unhealthy hobby in the past, it has become a very popular free time activity and actually a job for some. Even if you are casually enjoying a few games or you are a hardcore pro player who strives to be the best, there are some tips that will help you practice a healthier gaming activity. Based on advice given by gamers and pro players, we set up a quick tips & tricks list so you can enjoy gaming at its fullest. After all, you do want to keep playing longer and better, right?

Why should you practice healthy gaming?

Why is this important to carry out a healthier routine while playing games? Depending on your gaming goal, there are several benefits! First of all, the obvious reason is to keep in shape and have an overall healthy lifestyle even when practicing a rather sedentary activity like gaming. Avoid chronic pain if you spend a lot of hours performing in front of your monitors, improve your endurance to perform better and longer in games are benefits that you may want to keep in mind!

As you may already know, everyone is different and the tips we will list below are only covering the basics of healthy gaming. We recommend you to visit a specialist if you have serious health issues, such as posture pain caused by gaming. Last but not least, healthy gaming means avoiding getting cold hands! Yes, cold hands reduce your in-game performance drastically, but there are ways to improve that, as you can see here.

How to make gaming healthy?

Below you can find a lot of tips in 4 major categories, which you can use to make your gaming activity healthier:


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Let’s start with how your setup is arranged. A good ergonomic gaming chair will save you lots of back pain and will improve your posture as you play. Investing in one is beneficial especially if you spend a lot of hours playing games. Secondly, the monitor (or monitors) should be at an arm’s length from your eyes. This prevents a lot of exhaustion. Because intense gaming creates an adrenaline rush, it moves the blood away from extremities, such as hands. Less blood flow in your hands means cold hands, and thus a poor in-game performance.

An Envavo Heatbuff to keep your hands warm is a must when speaking of performing better. Just as any part of your setup, the Envavo Heatbuff will provide you with an advantage in competitive gaming and a healthier experience at the same time. Here you can see comparisons between normal hand warmers and the Envavo Heatbuff, created especially for gamers and their in-game performance.


Gaming keyboard for cables

Okay, we all know that you cannot pause an online game, right? But taking breaks into consideration is a major benefit for your health. Practice taking a few minutes breaks every few hours to look away from the monitor and stretch or walk around. You can start by doing this in lower MMR games, vs A.I. or in a game where you can let your character chill for a bit without dying and losing all your loot!

It is important to take these short breaks, not only for your physical health but also to refresh your thinking and help focus better on your game.


Stretching for gamers

If you take longer breaks, then stretching and exercising is something great to do meanwhile! Since there is no unique routine for everyone, you should create one for yourself that helps you relax and stretch after all those hours of playing. Look up some simple techniques online, go offline for a couple of minutes and execute that routine! If you choose to do a less intense set of exercises then practicing this every day would pay off!

Alternatively, you can combine the stretching with re-thinking your gaming strategies. You can even make it a challenge, like pro player Snoopeh used to do to stay fit! – one push-up for each kill/death/assist.


eat healthy gaming

Something that you might have heard over and over again is to keep hydrated! If you want to play longer then drinking water through a regular drinking schedule will assure that. If you are a techie, then you can find a lot of gadgets to keep track of how much water you must drink and when to do that. Since we are talking about healthy gaming here, you might want to put the Doritos and that soda can away sometimes. Sure, they are tasty, but they certainly don’t improve your performance. You are the one who decides what to munch on while playing. However, taking a healthy approach to this can have a positive impact on your overall health.

When you pick your favorite snacks, make sure they are rather easy to grab and not too greasy, if you like to keep your mouse and keyboard clean, of course. Think of healthy alternatives for all the “bad” snacks you are used to. For example, replace the nachos, chips, and cookies with mixed nuts, oats, fruit, and popcorn! And regarding drinks, a smoothie or a milkshake along with a lot of water should do the trick!

Keeping track of all your habits while gaming is also a good way to improve your health. Just as you track your in-game performance, you can do the same with the above-mentioned tips! Use apps, gadgets or old-school methods to see patterns and track your own progress towards a better, longer, healthier gaming experience.

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