Hand Warmer ESL Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Katowice

What is that hand warmer from ESL IEM Katowice? Well… it’s an Envavo Heatbuff.

We spent 2.5 years developing the perfect infrared heater for gamers who need a hand warmer to keep focus on the game. We developed it to make everyone perform well during gaming, and to improve reaction time, focus, and performance.

That’s why we are now on stage at the Intel Extreme Masters 2019, to help the pro players perform at their highest levels at all times. During the event it seems they are asked if they want to try the product and it seems they like it, and keep using it, which we are super happy about.

s1mple, the best player in the world said that the Envavo Heatbuff is “Pretty nice”man of few words, but coming from him we are super stoked!

Just so everyone know’s we are not paying anything for the pros using our hand heater. We simply offered it and the pros said yes. Prior to this we tested with a few pro players who play for the top teams, and they liked it which is probably why the infrared heater is now to see at the IEM stages.

So if anyone asks if someone knows what that thing from the Major is, then you can let them know it’s an Envavo Heatbuff 🙂

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