Hand Warmer Comparison for Gaming

Hand warmers for gamers are starting to become a thing within gaming, with the start coming from Envavo Heatbuff’s launch on Kickstarter.  In this blog post, we’ll look at the different hand warmers that are out there already, to see which would be best to invest in. I will not give you my opinion, as it is clearly influenced by the fact that I helped invent the Envavo Heatbuff. With that said, I have a lot of know-how within the business and know which products are out there, for gaming!

Hot Hands Hand Warmer

These are regular hand warmers, made from plastics with a chemical blend within them, which heats up when you “click” them. They are used widely by gamers, athletes, hunters, fishermen, and skiers. They heat up quickly and last for about 10 hours. The main problem with these is that you need to have your hands on them, to get warm hands and that they are not reusable. They are however quite efficient at giving you warm hands fast, but without heating the hands to the core to keep them warm for longer. You can compare them to holding a hot cup of coffee.

Zippo’s version

Zippo has invented a small, and a quite cool gadget, that helps you keep your hands warm during gaming. It’s called the Zippo Hand Warmer, and it’s essentially a small Zippo lighter, without the lighter part. It gets hot, and you can hold it in your hands to keep them warm. This has to be refilled and lasts about 12 hours. You need to hold on to it, to get warm hands which are the main issue with this product when it comes to gaming – warm hands while you’re dead in Counter-Strike and cold hands while you’re playing. We already covered this topic of why you get cold hands in another blog post.

The Electrical Power Bank Version

Here’s another product that tries to combat the same issue. The Electrical Hand Warmer for gaming is another version which works like a power bank, but instead, it gets hot. You hold it and get warm hands. The same issues apply to this technology as with the other two. Essentially this is the same version as the Zippo one, but it’s slightly more convenient since it can be powered by USB. It also features a way to charge your phone on the go.

Power Mittens of Awesomeness

Okay, these hand warmers are quite epic. But they are probably more useful for skiers than they are for gamers. We have heard of many gamers who play with gloves, and more frequently with slightly smaller gloves, but we hear the same thing over and over again: it lowers my dexterity and crushes my gaming performance. But I think they speak for themselves – you get warm hands all the time, you can get warm hands while gaming, but you will probably not hit your shots.

Envavo Heatbuff Hand Warmer for gamers

You’ve made it till the end, and I’ll just briefly explain how our product works, in case you’re interested.

We invented an infrared hand warmer for gamers, who want to perform better, react faster and be more precise. Our product lowers reaction time by empowering your natural blood flow via the infrared right. It increases blood flow by up to 80% and keeps your hands warm in a natural way without toasting them.

You can play games while your hands are warm, there is no need for recharging and it’s backed up by science! You don’t have to hold onto something, as it just sits in from of your keyboard and mouse. It has rotatable heads so you can direct the heat to both hands, keeping them warm.

Below is a picture of our latest prototype. You can see more here.

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