Gaming Equipment You Need for Your Setup

If you are looking to be properly decked out in terms of gaming equipment, there are seven important bases you absolutely need to cover in order to dominate. Below, you will find these important gaming equipment pieces, along with our suggestions as to what is the best of each device available on the market.


When it comes to gaming equipment, it is crucial that you have a monitor that is made for the fast movement and quick reaction times needed to play at a higher level. If you are in the market for a new monitor, here are a few things you should look out for:

– Refresh Rate : You should look for a monitor with at least 144Hz refresh rate, as it refreshes the image more often than your common 60Hz monitor and therefore lets you react faster to what is happening in your game.

– Response Time : When it comes to gaming monitors the response time should be at least below 2ms, preferably below 1ms, as a higher response time creates what most people refer to as “ghosting,” which is when the pixel takes too long to go from black to white or one shade of grey to another. For a gamer, this can create distracting visuals which hinder you from playing optimally.

– Size : Contrary to what people say, size does matter. Most of today’s gaming monitors will be 1920x1080p and 24”, as it is still the most popular size for gaming and still within the price range possible for most consumers. If money is no object, there are a few 1440p monitors with 144 and 165hz refresh rates that start at 27” and upwards.

Our gaming equipment suggestions feature a few monitors as seen below:

Asus VG248QE: Even though it is an older model, this features a 144hz refresh rate with a 1ms response time. It is a 24” monitor with 1080p resolution and has been one of the most popular gaming monitors for a few years now. It is also reasonably priced, if you are looking for a known brand 144hz monitor, as prices start around $269.99.

Asus PG278QR: If you are in the market to spend a little more money and get a 27” 1440p monitor in your gaming equipment inventory, our suggestion is the Asus PG278QR monitor which features 165hz refresh rate and reliable build quality. Price starts around $649.99 and it serves as the best overall gaming monitor.


When you are discussing gaming equipment, the discussion of the best gaming mouse always comes up. There are a lot of viable options on the market, and most of it comes down to your

personal preference. In terms of shapes and sizes, there are so many different ones and no definitive answer as to which one is the best for you. Here are a few suggestions though, along with why it could be your best choice in terms of gaming equipment:

Zowie FK-series: The Zowie FK-series features a wired ambidextrous low-profile design, which fits for both left or right-handed people and provides great control for both claw and palm grip users. It also features three different sizes so, no matter what size you prefer, there is a viable option for you.

Logitech G703/G903: If you are in the market for a wireless mouse for your gaming equipment, the Logitech G703 or G903 is the perfect fit, as it comes with a 12000-DPI optical sensor and custom RBG features through the Logitech software. In terms of recharging, there are two options. Wired charging is possible, as it comes with a removable USB dongle and the cable is capable of being used for charging instead. There is also the option to purchase the Logitech Powerplay, which enables you to wirelessly keep your mouse recharged and comes with two surfaces, both a hard and a cloth mousepad.

Finalmouse: Finalmouse was developed together with CSGO’s Scream, who is notorious for his one-taps. It is an ultralight mouse at just 67 grams and features the PMW3360 sensor by Pixart, which provides tournament grade sensor technology and great tracking ability. This is the one for those that prefer super light mice, and is a great choice for your gaming setup.


If you are a fan of FPS games like Counter-Strike Global Offensive, you know how important it is to use the audio to determine what is about to happen or exactly where your opponents are located. Therefore, the right headset is crucial when it comes to choosing gaming equipment. Here are our suggestions for the right headset to go with the rest of your gaming equipment:

Audio Technica ATH-AG1x: This headset is one of the absolute best ones on the market if you are looking for audio capabilities with a microphone attached, and it comes at a premium price of $299. For this, you get a headset with a frequency range of 15Hz-35.000Hz, which adds extra clarity for high pitched tones. The sound is of amazing quality and blocks out external sound very well which gives another level of immersion into your game and makes quite the addition to your gaming equipment overall.

Sennheiser G4ME ZERO/G4ME ONE: Sennheiser has used their experience in audiophile headphones and put that knowledge into their game series. It has incredibly accurate audio transmission and delivers a great overall experience for both gaming and music. The main difference between the Zero and One version is the closed versus open-back, which depends a lot on preference and only slightly changes the overall experience when using the headset. It is still priced on the heavier end of the scale at $170, but comes with a great sound package and crystal-clear microphone which your teammates will thank you for on the other end of TeamSpeak or Discord.

HyperX Cloud Alpha: If you are in search of the best overall headset, look no further, as it is the successor to the popular HyperX Cloud II and comes in at $100. It has all of the great features that the Cloud II had, and even more, as they have improved the headset even further. It has improved noise-cancelling, designed to block out even their own mechanical keyboards with the Cherry MX blue switches. Overall, in terms of design quality and experience, it is the best headset within this price range and is one of the best choices for a very well-priced headset when it comes to necessary gaming equipment.

The Heatbuff

If you are looking to stay on top of your game at all times, The Envavo Heatbuff is an absolute must-have piece of gaming equipment. The sleek design and compact build means that it can fit most desktops while making sure that your hands never get cold during your gaming session. The infrared waves also help your body develop natural blood flow back into your hands, so you never have to miss another shot due to slow reaction time or inaccuracy caused by cold hands. The customizable angles make sure that, no matter how you sit at your PC, you can use the Heatbuff and both hands will feel the positive effects. If you are looking to improve your gaming equipment, The Heatbuff should be at the top of your gaming wishlist.

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