Esports Championship Series: ECS – Finals

Astralis vs Mousesport  16-12 – Train

The last day of ECS kicked off with Astralis vs Mousesport.
Astralis goes into the first game on Train picked by Mousesport. The Danes found themselves losing the first gun round, followed up by 3 consecutive rounds into the Mouse show and astralis manages to pick up a round.
From here they snowballed and managed to amass a total of 7 rounds in a row.

Check out one of the highlights here

Mousesport would then go on to dominate the second part of the game, with “suNny” clutching a 1v2 closing Train 16-12 in favour of Mousesport.

Astralis vs Mousesport 16-7 – Inferno

Astralis begins their map just like their opposing side did in the previous match taking the first pistol round and the 3 rounds to follow. Mousesports did get a chance to show what they were made off. But it wasn’t long after Mous got their 5th round on the board the Danish side picked up their pace and finished off the half in style and 5 rounds in the lead 10-5.

Going into the second half Mouse picks up the first gun round, but fails to translate that into much as astralis takes a secure victory and the second map 16-7

Astralis vs Mousesport 16-9 – Nuke

Mousesport picks up an easy 5-0 lead against Astralis.
Astralis manages to retaliate after a well-timed pause and manages to equalize the score. However, Mousesport is not going to back away from a fight and only lets the Danes have a single round before finishing off the first half 9-6. In the second half Astralis barely had a chance and were simply outclassed. Mousesports goes on a rampage taking 7 rounds in a row, only slipping up a few times making the final score of the final map 16-9 in favor of Mousesports who are then directly into the finals.

Faze vs Fnatic – 16-7 – Overpass

The first match of the second semi-final sees Faze on Overpass, Fnatic did show up but they didn’t manage to leave much of an impact.
This match also featured “Rain The Bathroom Cleaner” as he will now formally be known as, taking out the Swedes.

It was only in the 6th round Fnatic got their first chance, despite Niko racking up kills from barrels on B and even the casters calling for a Faze win before quickly realizing JW is known as the wonderchild for a reason, clutching solo 1v3 and making it 5-1.

Faze is seen playing around with Fnatic as Niko gets a cheeky peek on KRIMZ followed by a perfect headshot through connector door on GOLDEN

The stomping grounds continued and Faze is just playing deathmatch, pushing and killing Fnatic in their spawn

Faze finishes up with a 16-7.

Faze vs Fnatic – 16-11 – Train

Train proved to be a very popular map during the matches today. Faze taking a hit after winning the pistol round where the Swedes finally showed up and gave Faze a taste of their own medicine. Taking over for JW, KRIMZ aces for the 6-1 lead.
JW did his dirty work and managed to get fnatic to a 9-6 halftime finish after Faze pushed back a bit.

The Second round Rain throws away the broom and puts on his big boy pants showing some incredible skill and showing he is truly a part of the CS:GO elite. Faze does not let much get through and finishes off with only 3 more lost rounds making an impressive 16-11 to faze on the last map at. 2-0 to faze and a ticket to the grand final.

Faze vs Mousesports 16-14 – Nuke

The first round sets Faze in a favorable position taking the pistol round away on mousesports map. Faze continued their spree taking the next two rounds as well. However, it was not to be for Faze as Mousesports only lost 1 more round in the first half making it 11-4 at halftime.

Mousesports mirrored the first half, giving away 3 rounds but then quickly retaliating with 3 rounds in favor of the mice.

Mousesports starts to show some problems with getting the last rounds as Faze starts to pick up their threads.

Mousesports saw themselves dragging the map out into the 30th round before finally finishing up 16-14

Faze vs Mousesports 22-18 – Inferno

The second game is a real nailbiter all the way up to halftime with both teams showing great strengths going toe to toe and round for round.

The second half showed a strong Mousesports side, but Faze were able to shock them by doing a surprise force buy.

The match goes into its first overtime after a close 15-15 tie, however, it fails to prove who is truly the best of the two and pushes into a second overtime where Faze dominated with 4 rounds in a row and moves onto the third map.

Faze vs Mousesports 19-17 – Mirage

Mousesports goes into the match looking very shook from their close loss on Inferno.
Faze looking strong in the pistol round, Olofmeister having to take the last guy from Mousesports out alone he wins them the first pistol round.

Faze takes the next two rounds despite a nice play from suUny in the second round.
Mousepsorts takes their first gun round but is denied in the following round by a nice clutch by oskar in a far from favorable position

Mousesports shows some great skill taking 5 rounds in a row making it 6-4 to mousesports.

Faze is forced into a force buy and with some great opening kills wins the round and turning the tide once again

Despite lacking on the AWP guardian shows up and delivers some beautiful kills with the awp

Followed by an impressive play from suUny

Faze takes the last round of the first half after a shaky start to the match from both of the teams

Olofmeister takes the second pistol round for Faze with a quad kill and an ace steal from rain

Mousesports goes huge with a strong showing from sunNy making it 11-13

Mousesports now looking like the trouble they had on Inferno are still pursuing them here on Mirage, with Faze coming back strong taking it all the way to match point making it 15-13

Mousesports manages to survive for another round trying to make it into overtime.
Mousesports goes crazy and manages to clutch out the round for overtime.

Olofmeister dunks with a 2 kill grenade for match point

Faze tears Mousesports down taking the final 19-17

That is all from the wonderful Cancun, with Faze standing at the top of the podium. This weekend has brought close fights and nail-biting clutches with the only overtimes being in the grand final. What a show and what a last match. Have a great night.

Written with passion by Daniel Tønning.

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