Esports Championship Series: ECS day 1

Last night, in the warm city of Cancun, Mexico, ECS has brought us an incredible show introducing the event with local music and songs.

The teams, casters and guests are all staying at the Hard Rock Hotel which is situated right beside the ocean.

Fnatic vs LG: 16-11 – Cobblestone

The first game features Fnatic taking on LG again after beating them last time on Cobblestone.
After the veto, the map turns out to be Cobble again, Giving LG a chance at redemption, and an opportunity to show how much they have improved since ESL Odense where they performed well compared to their previous showings.

Coming into the game Yel and Flusha are the ones to watch. Yel having performed great on the awp needs to shine in order for them to take the win.

The first round starts up and LG shows some good strategies, taking it slow and picking fnatic off one by one. However Flusha is quick to terminate them.

The second round is beautifully clutched by SHOOWTIME, showing some excellent individual skill.

A few rounds go by and we start to see Yel performing, taking fights against whoever shows up in his line of sight, and SHOOWTIME securing the round with a perfect flank.

LG is going into the next round feeling good but is quickly shut down by a surprise eco stack on B from the Fnatic side. Even the casters are heard scratching their heads at this phenomenal set-up by Fnatic.

Fnatic, and Flusha especially, really starts to shine as Flusha gets a textbook spraydown on A long taking out the entire LG side for the ace.

At half time Flusha has managed to power through LG and is rocking 25 kills as of 10/5 in favor of fnatic.

The rest of the match shows to be a quite dominated by Fnatic. That is until they reach match point and ends up giving LG a chance, losing a couple of rounds to LG but eventually securing the win with a 16/12 score in favour of Fnatic.

Optic Gaming vs Mousesport: 16-4 – Mirage

Optic took complete control from the get go and finishing the match 16-4 on Mirage, only in the 7th round after a complete domination from Optic, Mouse succeeded in getting their first round.

Optic narrowly wins the round going from 10-2 to 11-2 where Mousesports makes a valiant attempt with a force buy

The halftime rolls around and Optic secures the second pistol round as well. Mouz again goes for a deagle buy and succeeds, but to no avail as Optic continues to dominate and ends it at 16-4.

Fnatic vs Optic gaming: 16-2 – Cobblestone

Fnatic saw what Optic did to Mouz and must have thought they could do better.
Optic coming off a great game vs Mousesport got a sizeable beating with an ending score of 16-2.

Even though Optic managed to secure the first pistol round, KRIMZ comes around with a force buy and aces Optic gaming with two amazing headshots in drop with the CZ.

Group B
Group B is kicked off with a festive and quite frankly hilarious moment with the casters, check it out:

…. and..

Astralis vs Cloud9: 16-11 – Train

The first game of gorup B is the Danes facing off vs Cloud9. Astralis starts out on the CT side by getting smashed, not only once but 6 times in a row

The first round starts slow but suddenly all 5 Cloud9 members comes jumping out of nowhere and takes out Astralis in mere seconds.

To clutch the 7th round Kjaerby steps up to the plate taking two C9 players down with a bit of help from Rubino getting them their first round on the board

Astralis pushes on valiantly while they keep building upon their game, eventually taking the last round of the half going 8/7 to the Danes.

Coming into the second pistol round Astralis again starts out on their back foot, having to sit through 3 lost rounds and making it look a terrible lot like the beginning of the first half.
Astralis wins the consecutive 2 rounds going into a 10/10 split between the two teams, putting on a show the two teams go 1 for 1 as the game gets more and more tense.
Cloud9 looking offput as they seemed to have a good grasp and winning two pistol rounds getting out fragged by Astralis twice, ending the 1 for 1 spree and putting the danes ahead 13-11.

Astralis turns a sizeable loss spree into a magnificent comeback and finally showing some true Astralis colours winning the match with no further hiccups. 16-11

Faze vs Cloud9: 16-12 – Mirage

Team Liquid goes big and seems to dominate the first part of the match. However Karrigan and his crew are not going down without a fight. Its a close game all the way through half time.

At 10/7 with Faze being behind they start to really get themselves together and manages to put the Horse to sleep as they send them into an all eco round.

Liquid decides to push B aps but are quickly met with a grenade which shakes the team up and deals a ton of damage.

Niko goes big and decides to tear Liquid a new one in style taking advantage of both the awp and his trusty sidearm

Faze and up taking the last round 16-11, with Niko ending it with a swift bullet to the skull of Steel, bringing Niko up to a 40 bomb in only 28 rounds…. yikes

Astralis vs Faze: 16-13 – Overpass

The final game of the day featured Astralis and Faze going against each other on a map both of the teams are notoriously strong on.

Faze takes the first pistol round with a clutch from Niko

Both teams showing true character with individual skill and proper team comunication through most of the match.

Nearing half time its 7/7 and Astralis has some economic problems going in. However Astralis quickly turns it around to a win for them going 8/7 in the first half

Karrigan steps up to the cluth and 2v1 in best Karrigan style, calm, composed and when it counts.

With Astralis showing that extra 10% vs Faze. And a Faze with a half hearted last second half, Astralis wins key rounds where Faze is simply forced to save.

Astralis makes it 14-12 while no CT’s  are allowed to save, an eco is necessary from Faze with only 1 point to match point.

Faze wins the round though by time expired.

Score is now 14-13

Astralis gets into position to go for the match point. They take it all the way down to the last minute, lurking around. Trying a late push for A. This could reset Faze again.
AStralis makes a hard entry and winning the round.

Match point for astralis 15-13.

Astralis makes a perfect B execution and takes the last round finishing off Karrigan and now Astralis are in the semi-finals.

This could show to be an amazing Denmark V Sweden. Astralis vs Fnatic, im hyped and so should you be.

See you back for more great CS tomorrow!

Written with great passion by Daniel Tønning.

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