ESL Pro League Finals Odense – Day Three

We’re unfortunately not at the ESL Pro League Finals in Odense, Denmark – even though it would be amazing, we simply wasn’t able to make it there.

We have a great friend who’s there providing us with some pictures from the event!

Day one included amazing matches: fnatic VS OpTic Gaming, and Hellraisers VS Misfits.

Hellraisers VS Misfits

This is an interesting match between two teams, who have shown a great performance so far in the tournament. Hellraisers are currently ranked #9 in the world, and is impressive that they went all the way to ESL Pro League Finals in Odense. Even though Hellraisers doesn’t have much raw talent, they perform extremely well as a team.

Misfits on the other hand is also a great team that surprised us going all the way to Odense. They are currently ranked #16 in the world which only makes it even more impressive that they owned during the ESL Pro League Tournament.

Our prediction is that Hellraisers is going to win this, since their teamplay is simply great at the moment.

fnatic VS OpTic Gaming

Two great teams. Swedish fnatic has always been great, and lately they have come back after a long weird period. Currently ranked #4 in the world, beating great teams like FaZe Clan. As I’m writing this I’m watching the games, and they look great right now, even though HS from OpTic Gaming is really owning!

OpTic is currently ranked #6 in the world, meaning it’s a game between two teams that are very close to each other.

We believe fnatic will have a chance winning this against OpTic, even though it’s going to be an extremely close match!

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