Eleague major Quarterfinals

Faze v Mouz

Beginning the first quarterfinal with Faze taking on Mouz it promises to be some great games.
Faze got off to a great start getting the usual 3 rounds with Mouz using their first gun round right and takes two consecutive rounds.

Both teams are looking strong, faze takes another round which mouz follows up with two more tieing it out 4-4.

Quickly Mouz took a leap ahead getting 3 rounds in a row only letting Faze have 2 rounds before Mouz closes out the first half 9-6.

Faze copy and pasted their success into the second half grabbing the first 3 rounds and losing the first gun round.

Faze manages to keep up with Mouz and even overtake them, however the fate of this first match seems to be an overtime which Faze lose the first round in but takes 4 rounds in succession to secure the first win of the series on the oppositions map which puts Faze in both a physical but also mental advantage.

Faze are entering the second match of the series looking strong coming out on top against Mouz on their map. Now it’s time for them to shine on their own map Cache.

It is clear why Faze picked the map as they take 5 rounds in a row trying to cripple the Mouz side. However, Mouz manages to get on the board breaking faze’s streak making it 5-1 but Faze quickly retaliates.

Faze manages to stay ahead despite of some nice executes from Mouz ending the first half 10-5

With Ropz going huge in the first two rounds of the second half getting a quad kill in both Mouz sneaks up making faze’s lead that much smaller gives some hope to the german side.

Unfortunately for Mouz it is not meant to be as Faze steam rolls from there on out only letting mouz get 2 rounds closing out the series on the second map 16-9 and thus Faze is on to the semifinals.

Na’Vi v Quantum Bellator Fire

With QB taking the first pistol with Kvik acing Na’Vi it looked as if we were to see more of QB’s fire but Na’Vi quickly took 3 rounds after that making it 3-1

it was clear after just a few rounds that Na’Vi were simply outskilling the opposition, before QB had even gotten a chance to stand Na’Vi took the lead even further making it 13-2 in a blink of an eye.

This scoreline didn’t just appear on its own though, it did require Flamie to break a world record, a record which had previously been held by Worldedit with 31 kills in one half. Flamie managed to top that with an incredible 32 kills in the very first half.

Na’vi continued the next half in the same style, QB had control of the pistol round but that is really all they had going for them in this matchup as Na’Vi strolls past them winning the first map.


The second map seemed vastly different in the pistol round as Na’Vi won the first one, Na’Vi only managed to win a single anti-eco and losing the second. However QB were not able to keep up which allowed Na’Vi to snowball out of control ending the first half 11-4

The second half were the same, Na’Vi getting the pistol round and losing the anti-eco.

Just as they should Na’vi closed out the match 16-7 meaning they are now on to the semi finals with Faze.

Cloud 9 v G2

In a game very much like the one prior Cloud 9 takes on G2.

Cloud 9 lost the first pistol round but through a force buy managed to pick up the following anti-eco.

It seemed as though Cloud 9 couldn’t be stopped afterward as they went on to further increase their lead to 8-2.

G2 was quick to re-strategize as their first attempts were to no avail and such succeeded in closing the north American lead ending the first half at an impressive 8-7 score.

After such a comeback Cloud 9 knew they had to perform, both to further advance their lead but also to not get tilted by the comeback. They managed to find a footing again and pushed further ahead making it 13-7 with only a single more round going to G2 before Cloud 9 closed out the first game 16-8

The second game was – if possible – even more, devastating for G2 as cloud 9 advanced on the already shook team not allowing them to gain any control.

With a buttload of money at their disposal Cloud, 9 closed out the first half rather easily at a score of 12-3

The next half saw G2 win the pistol round and the anti-ecos. But when Cloud 9 got a hold of the big guns it was all over for the Frenchmen as they cut through them like warm butter ending the second match in favor of Cloud 9 and thus getting them a spot in the semifinals.

Fnatic v SK

As fnatic is going into this last quarter-final they are looking a lot more like the old fnatic, performing well against top tier teams. Fnatic has a lot to owe to Krimz as he has been an absolute blessing for the team during this major, with stats that place him as one of the best at the major.


The map veto was especially exciting here as both teams have clear advantages on more than one map making it difficult to veto the best possible maps. Here is the outcome:

Inferno being the first map, Fnatic starts out this clash royale on the front foot taking the first pistol round. However due to an amazing performance from TACO fnatic is unable to capitalize on the economic advantage.


However, Fnatic is able to shutdown SK and string together a plethora of rounds making it 5-1

As Fnatic pushes for their 9th round it looks grim as SK has managed to ruin Fnatics economy, only equipped with pistols the commentators are heard predicting the near future as Lekro straps his big boy pants on.


Fnatic kept pushing on from that point taking a rather substantial lead nearly getting a 7 round lead on SK as Krimz and JW holds A short to perfection.


SK manages to remain calm and level-headed as they slowly start chipping away at Fnatic getting closer and closer to tie it out.


after a pretty one-sided start for Fnatic SK has now managed to come back full force pulling the game out into overtime, challenging Fnatic on a map they need to win.

Fnatic gets close to taking an early 2-0 lead against SK in the first overtime but a slight hiccup from fnatic causes the bomb timer to run too low making the score leveled between the two teams.


The game turned into a real nail-biter, so much so that Coldzera’s mom is seen cowering behind her hands, not wanting to watch as the Swedes narrowly secures another round in OT.


The two teams were so close another overtime is needed however this time Fnatic had, had enough and pushed out a victory on the first map.


Moving on to the second map which were picked by SK, Fnatic knows that it is going to be a challenge.

Right off the bat we see an SK side that looks stronger than on Inferno with Coldzera especially picking up the slack clutching a 1v3 in the first pistol round.

SK slowly but steadily build their advantage after being tied 2-2. They managed to get 3 rounds in a row which put them in a favorable economic advantage. However Fnatic showed some incredible individual skill winning 4 clutches in a row.

SK didn’t seem to like being behind as they pulled themselves together to take the lead 9-6 before moving on to the second half.

Fnatic picked up the second pistol round but were not able to go further with it as SK demonstrated how to force buy against the Swedes taking 3 consecutive rounds.

Fnatic did however manage to bring it really close as they tied it out at 13-13, but fnatic had to settle for “close” as SK rounded up the game 16-13

As the first and last quarter final to reach the third map in boston, the two games these two teams played were some of the most enjoyable and interesting games of the tournament. And the fun just kept on coming.

SK started out with a 2 round lead on Fnatic which were quickly tied out and overtaken by fnatic who were now sitting with a 3 round lead 6-3.

As the teams went toe to toe Lekr0 performed amazingly yet again making sure to narrowly bring his side in front ending the first half at 8-7 with an ace.

SK looked strong winning the pistol round and the following round in the second half.

It didn’t take long for fnatic to win one back though which meant a tie yet again at 9-9.

SK started to fall behind as Fnatic seemed to get the upper hand, getting a 3 round lead.But then SK did exactly what they needed to do which meant fnatic were now unable to win any more rounds. With a score of 16-12 SK closes out the third map and earning themselves a spot in the semi-finals.




Written with passion by Daniel Tønning

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