Eleague Major Boston – Day 3

As the weekend comes to an end the cs scene continues to bloom as the qualifiers are underway in Boston. Today we saw close games, one-sided games and the first overtime between G2 and Vega Squadron.

Quantum Bellator Fire v Faze – 6-16 – Mirage 

The first half saw aggressive plays from QBF as they took the first 3 rounds.
Faze were quick to gather their forces and managed to secure the first rifle round and successfully translated that to a 6 round win streak, putting the pressure on QBF.

However, QBF managed to pull one out of the hat and secures their fourth round.

This would, however, prove to be their last round of the half as Faze dominates and picks up 5 rounds in a row, ending the first half 11-4 in favor of Faze.

With only two more rounds going to QBF, Faze quickly ends the game 16-6.
This means Faze is moving on with a 2-1 overall score in the first qualifiers.

EnVyUs v Flash – 16-13 – Inferno

After a rocky first two days, EnVyUs managed to shut down Flash in the early rounds grabbing five rounds in a row.

With Flash scrambling to get back they manage to grab a quick round before being subject to the wrath of the French yet again.

EnVy starts snowballing down the mountainside as Flash is unable to keep up, the first half ends at 12-3 in favor of EnVy.

However Flash manages to pull themselves back hard and are close to tying out the score after 6 consecutive rounds going their way.

After falling asleep in class EnVy starts to wake up again and narrowly closes out the match at 16-13.

Space soldiers v Misfits – 16-13 – Train

What proved to be a back and forth clash between the two teams started out with Misfits taking 4 rounds despite some good plays from Space Soldiers.

Lady luck did not shine on Misfits forever though as Space Soldiers grabbed 5 quick ones and thus pushing themselves in the lead.

Taking a TP the Misfits had a solid plan to edge in front just in time before the first half came to a close, however so did Space Soldiers, a better one in fact which saw Misfits getting only one round before the opposition closed it out at 9-6 in favor of the Soldiers.

Misfits took the first, second and third round of the second half bringing them only one point away from breaking even. As the pressure rose misfits started to fall apart which space soldiers managed to capitalize on just in time to bring the game to a close with a score of 16-13.

Na’Vi v Sprout – 16-3 – Mirage

In one of the biggest rollovers of the qualifiers so far Na’Vi took on Sprout on Mirage. It wasn’t long before the spectators saw what was to come as Na’Vi strikes down sprout 10 rounds in a row not letting the opposition as much as touch the bomb sites on multiple occasions.

Sprout manages a single round which led to them losing a single round but winning the last two to bring the score up ever so slightly as they head into the second half 12-3 in favor of Na’Vi.

The second half we saw a complete absence of any sprout member on the map as they were unable to get a single round for the rest of the game which meant a safe and fast win from Na’Vi.

G2 v Vega Squadron – 19-16 – Overpass

The first overtime of the quarterfinals so far started out rather one-sided with G2 dominating grabbing the three first, losing one and winning the following three again making it a 6-1 lead.

G2 did not show any sign of stopping, stomping the opposition 12-3 in the first half after an amazing CT side.

The second half was a complete polar opposite of what had been shown just minutes seconds before. Vega started to really perform and was soon breathing down G2’s neck, slowly creeping up Vega continued to take rounds going from a 9 round disadvantage to 12-10 where G2 was looking real shaky.

Vega kept putting pressure on but G2 managed to sneak a single round in which prompted Vega to take action and took 3 quick additional rounds for the tie.

It was however only at match point Vega managed to creep in front with a score of 15-14.
G2 kept their nerves back and managed to drag the game out into overtime.

However, it all seemed like a plan from G2 as they simply just ran over Vega 3-0 in overtime taking the win at 19-16

Liquid v Renegades – 16-14 – Cobblestone

The first half was dominated by Liquid as they kept shutting renegades down as soon as they tried to build anything.

Completely denying renegades anti-eco after the first gun round seemed to faze Renegades quite a bit as they were not able to string anything major together through the rest of the first half ending it at 10-5 in favor of liquid.

The second half saw Renegades winning the pistol round, but again Liquid was ready and denied the anti-eco.
Liquid managed to quickly push for match point but as all hope seemed lost, Renegades turned on and were so close to dragging it into overtime.

However not one round too late Liquid finished the game at 16-14.

Avangar v Flipsid3 – 16-7 – Train

In another episode of “Buster vs the world” we see a completely incapacitated Flipsid3 that is left no chances from their opposition who in a quick 1-2 pulls 7 straight rounds out of the hat to really set the pace. As Avangar cools down and Buster getting some deserved rest Flipsid3 is able to sneak in subtle 4 rounds but that was one round too much as Avangar again pushes back and ends the first half with 11-4

The second half saw more of our beloved protagonist as he continuously hunts down Flipsid3 until he gets his team to match point with a triple kill.

Flipsid3 did try for a comeback but Avangar only allowed 3 pity rounds as they then proceeded to win the last round ending the game at 16-7 in favor of Avangar.

Cloud9 v Mousesports – 16-5 – Train

Coming off one steamrolling on Train right into the next one as Cloud9 instantly amasses 9 rounds in a row, which sends the mice scrambling to try and find a way to combat this unrelenting force.

Mouz found a way utilizing the American way “bigger is better” with their double awp set-up getting them solid 4 rounds before cloud9 closed out the first half 11-4

The second half only really proved more difficult for the German side as they found themselves winning the pistol but losing the anti-eco.

From here on out it was pure havoc as cloud9 continues to shoot, stab and blow the opposition into the clouds taking the win 16-5.


Written with passion by Daniel Tønning

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