Eleague Major Boston – day 1

Vega squadron v Renegades – 16-14 – Mirage

The game starts out with Vega taking the first two rounds but then quickly are set back by Renegades in an early gun round making it 2-1.

As the game progresses Vega manages to secure a solid lead taking halftime at 10-5.

Vega keeps up the pace with “mir” doing some heavy lifting for the team running over Renegades and making it a 15-9.

Vega starts to choke giving Renegades too much room which allows for a 15-14 comeback from the Aussies.

*Nifty shows a lot of patience and great reactions with the AWP.

Despite a one-man lead Renegades are unsuccessful at pushing the game into overtime as “JR” denies 2 CTs from even getting near the bomb and “mir” finishes off the round with a rotate through mid catching the last CT off guard.

Avangar v Mousesports – 16 – 12 – Mirage

in a match where Avangar came in as the clear underdogs, the first shimmer of hope started to shine as Mirage was picked, a strong map for the Kazakhstani side. The first 3 rounds seem to set the tone for a strong CT side for the underdogs as they take the pistol round and the two consecutive ones. Mousesports were not so easily tilted and came back with a close 3v3 making the score 3-1

The rest of the first half consisted of more great showings from Avangar and a beautiful deagle quad from Buster which really spiked the intensity of the match. The teams went toe to toe and finished the first half with a score of 8-7 as Avangar takes the lead into the second half.

The second half mouz turned around and started taking the lead winning 3 rounds in a row.

An upset was just not in the cards here as Mouz continued to stomp through Avangars T side and finishes the match at 16-12 with chrisj securing himself a sweet sweet 30 bomb.

Faze vs Team Liquid – 16-14 – Overpass

Faze and liquid brought us another nail-biter of a game, Faze made some good decisions and showed real individual skill between the players. Such things get you far and Faze took it to a 5-0 lead.

Liquid managed to stabilize and started performing closing the gap between the two teams making it tied as they play for the final point of the half.

Faze does come out on top and takes the lead going into the second half.

Again Faze shows what they are capable of making the same moves as in the first half making it a 6 point lead to Faze.

After going back and forth with both teams denying crucial plays from one another Liquid eventually manages to tie it up yet again making it 13-13.

This was a real nailbiter down to the very end with both teams taking rounds all the way to match point with Faze in the lead 15-14.
Faze keeps their cool and secures the win 16-14

Misfits v Flipsid3 – 16-4 – Overpass

Flipsid3 looked off as soon as the game began with Misfits plowing through the CT side, flipsid3 did manage to secure a single round in the first gun round but did not manage to translate that momentum to anything.

As this was such a one-sided affair with flipsid3 only managing to get 3 rounds in the second half, the match proved to be rather short.

Taking a look at the stats and the numbers speak for themselves. Flipsid3 only had a single positive score from “wayLander” as the rest of his squad were reaching a negative KD in the double digits.

Misfits, however, managed to keep the death countdown and came out on top with only seang@res reaching below 0 KD. Finishing the game with a score of 16-4.

Sprout v Space Soldiers – 16-11 – Cobblestone

On the infamous cobblestone map Sprout took on Space Soldiers, both teams were clearly struggling through the first half, Space Soldiers especially was seen lacking, but where there was slack “ngiN” was ready to pick it up as he kept his team in the game on multiple occasions with quad kills and big SMG plays.

“ngiN” could only hold the pressure for so long and Sprout capitalized on this as they burnt, blew up and shot the enemy team, again and again, napping 6 rounds in a row. Space soldier tried to fight back but all hope seemed lost as they were shot down again and Sprout closing the game out in a 3v5 situation 16-11.

Na’Vi v Quantum Bellator – 16-8 – Inferno

This looked to be an interesting match in the first pistol round as Quantum managed to shot down Na’Vi completely on their first push, however just the next round “flamie” decided that he had already seen enough and picked up an incredible 4k which Na’Vi successfully translated into 2 additional rounds.

Quantum managed to push Na’Vi back and the first half was suddenly an interesting ordeal again. The teams took turns to get 2 or 3 rounds and eventually Na’Vi finished the first half in the lead.

Quantum never got into the game again and Na’Vi closed the game easily in the second round with a score of 16-8.

G2 v Flash – 16-11 – Inferno

Flash had a blast in the first half dragging G2 across the floor winning 5 rounds, losing 2 but taking back another 4 right after. This left 3 rounds to be taken before the second half would roll around, and G2 made sure to pull themselves up taking all 3 going into the second half with a bit more confidence.

Flash, however, continued their no mercy style making the score 11-6.

G2 was starting to sweat but that gave them that extra slipperiness to slide right past the opposition taking 5 rounds in a row tieing out the score 11-11.

From then on Flash did not show up and failed to capitalize on anything letting G2 take the following rounds closing out the game 16-11.

Cloud9 v EnVyUs – 16-11 – Cache

Cloud9 managed to take the lead from the very beginning, going hard quickly making it 5-1 in favor of Cloud9.

After taking their first round EnVy seemed off-color combined with a cloud9 side that looked really strong it proved difficult for the French side to get a foot to the ground with the North Americans keeping their lead all the way to halftime after skadoodle clutches an impressive 1v3.

Going into the second half Cloud9 lost a couple of key rounds allowing for EnVy to catch up a bit. Seemingly it was not meant for EnVy to even overtake the Americans but closing the gap to 13-10.

Cloud9 proceeded to pick up a single round before letting EnVy have their last round of the match before closing it out 16-11 in favor of Cloud9.


Written with passion by Daniel Tønning

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