How cold hands affect your gameplay

Cold hands during computer usage – espacially during intensive gaming sessions, is a topic not often spoken about. It is a major issue for both professional gamers and casual gamers, though. Almost every single professional player uses click-warmers at LAN-events to prevent freezing hands and to increase reaction time.

Our experience with cold hands

We first experienced this during a winter in Denmark, while playing a CS:GO and we didn’t hit any of our shots. This felt like a big problem for us because we believed we were better than not getting any headshots. We soon found out that we both have freezing hands and this might be the reason why we weren’t killing anyone in Counter-Strike. We then looked into alternatives on how to get our hands warmer, but we couldn’t find anything online. That’s why we invented the Envavo Heatbuff. There had to be a better solution.

The Envavo Heatbuff keeps cold hands away

Studies show a worse reaction time when your hands are cold

Studies have shown that cold hands will decrease your reaction time. In these studies scientists put 30 people in a room and ask them to click as fast as they could react when a colour popped up on the screen. The quickly found that cold hands increases the time it takes for you to react. The test was made so that they first clicked with warm hands. Then they had their hands in a cold bucket of water and then they were to click again.

When we saw these studies, we believed we had a great idea. This could potentially be used by professional gamers at LAN events. But we soon realised that we weren’t the only people in the world with this issue. We found out that this was a problem for  many people who played intensive video games. The reason is that the adrenaline, that your body pumps out, during intensive gameplay will pull the blood away from your hands, and towards the bigger muscles. Bad blood circulation makes your hands chilly, and that is the reason you will have a hard time warming your hands up, if you use click-warmers or rub your hands together. It will only work momentarily.

With this website you can test your own reaction time. Try to put your hands in a cold bucket of water and test it out for yourself. We did this, and yup! our reaction time went from 198ms to 210ms. If that was a CS:GO match when you were facing an opponent AWP’er those 12ms would make the difference.

Our solution – the best on the market for warm hands

We believed there had to be a better solution. So we came up with the Heatbuff – an infrared heater, that is specifically designed to increase blood flow during gaming, to eliminate cold hands. The special designed infrared bulbs we use, are made of high quality components to ensure the most optimal wavelength is used for improved blood circulation. That’s why we believe we have the best product on the market to increase your gameplay.

Check out our product here.

Let us know in the comments which games you most often experience cold hands while playing.

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