Hand Warmer ESL Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Katowice

What is that hand warmer from ESL IEM Katowice? Well… it’s an Envavo Heatbuff. We spent 2.5 years developing the perfect infrared heater for gamers who need a hand warmer to keep focus on the game. We developed it to make everyone perform well during gaming, and to improve reaction time, focus, and performance. That’s why we are now on stage at the Intel Extreme Masters 2019, to help the pro players perform at their highest levels at all times. During the event it seems they are asked if they want to try the product and it seems they like … Read more

February Update (with pictures!)

Tuesday we started assembly, and we want to show you some pictures and videos of the final product as well as how things are going. We’re super excited to finally be at this stage of our journey and we are happy that you gave us the opportunity to pursue this dream.  We cannot wait to ship these products out to you guys, which is probably going to be somewhere around early March. Here are some pictures! Delivery date We expect to deliver by early March. We are getting up to speed and the assembly process is becoming faster and faster. … Read more

January Update

It’s time for an update, one that has been requested a lot in the past days so we are excited to share this month’s update with you all! The reason we have been waiting a bit with the update was because we had a meeting with our plastics supplier and we went to confirm the final plastic parts, which is the biggest part about finishing up production. Production We have received everything from our suppliers from all over the world, and everything is now in Denmark ready to be assembled. This includes all electrical and non electrical parts, metals and … Read more