December Update

It’s time for another update on our production, and this time we have some cool pictures for you as well. During the weekend we visited ESL Pro League Finals in Odense, where we got to meet some special people and showcase our product which was great fun. We got a lot of nice feedback and people seemed to love the product. When walking around with the boxes in our new packaging people were really turning heads to see what this new ‘cool’ product was about! Visiting Our Danish Production Partner When we visited about a month ago this was what … Read more

September/October Update – Envavo Heatbuff

Hi dear backers and community members! First of all – we apologize for the delay on this update, many have requested updates, but there has been a lot of different things that had to fall into place before we wanted to send it out. This is an update we all have been waiting for for a long time, and it’s something we’re extremely happy to announce. WE HAVE OFFICIALLY STARTED PRODUCTION! Below is an update on all the components. Remember: with any production line that has a lot of suppliers, it’s still possible with delays. If just one thing is delayed, … Read more

Keyboard Hand Warmer For Gamers & Office Workers

Keyboard hand warmer for gamers and office workers

We’re the inventors of the Keyboard Hand Warmer “The Envavo Heatbuff”, made for gamers and office workers, as well as people with arthritis. Keyboard Hand Warmer – what is it? A Keyboard Hand Warmer for us, means an infrared high-quality warmer that sits between your monitor and your keyboard. And yea.. it warms your hands! There are many ways to warm up your hands, and we have discussed this in another blog post on the site, but we believe the absolute best way to do it is without even having to do anything. Sounds cool, right? Normally you would rub … Read more

Is esport a real sport?

is esport a real sport

We have just visited Copenhagen, where we pitched our company idea to some big people, in hopes of being able to take Envavo to the next level. On the way to Copenhagen, we met a physical education class. They loved sports – football, handball, tennis, volleyball and what have you. But we then asked them a simple question: Is esports a real sport? I think we strongly disagreed on this, and it’s an interesting topic because it deals with the concept of what is a sport really? Is it the physical activity or is it everything around it, that makes … Read more