Cable management, what is it and how to do it?

Cable management is a must for a gamer’s knowledge! Your dream setup is all in place and you are left with all those annoying wires and cables hanging tangled behind your desk? We always see those cool setup pictures from eSports players, streamers and gamers and they not only look amazing but also very organized. Ever wondered how they do that? In this article, we will explain what cable management is, why you should do it and of course, how to do it.

What is cable management exactly?

It is the process of organizing the cables from your setup’s hardware in a neatly and controlled manner. This way you either hide them completely or arrange them for a more aesthetic overview of your battlestation.

Why should you bother doing this?

Well, besides the obvious reason that it is simply better looking, it helps you a lot to have all the wires uncluttered in case you move the setup, change or add more peripherals.

In this article, we will give you a step-by-step guide to cable management, with tips and tricks for a fast and fun process.

There are endless tools and methods to handle wires, and if this is something you don’t want to invest a lot into, there are also affordable ways to do cable management.

Here is how to do cable management:

1. Unplug everything.

Every single cable and wire. You have to unplug and rearrange everything if you want the next steps to go smoothly. Of course, as you probably realized, you need to have some spare time to do your cable management. At the same time, it is basically quality time spent with your battlestation!

2. Positioning

Think very well where you position your setup. You might want to be close to a power outlet to make everything simple from the start. However, if you cannot place your desk next to a power outlet, you can always use an extension cord.

3. Plan, plan, plan.

Before you choose which method of arranging the cables to use, you must plan in which direction they all go, a path to make sure they are neatly organized from the beginning, and not recklessly pulled from here and there. As mentioned earlier, this is a process that needs time and attention. After all, this will be your battlestation! It must look good.

4. Execution

Let’s make that setup gorgeous! Here are two approaches to cable management:

  • Tucking in – all the wires are stuck under the desk, on the wall behind the desk, on its legs or sides. With this method, you want to achieve the look with no visible cables on or behind the desk. Use an extended power outlet from the main one and stick it with a strong double-sided tape under your desk. To keep the cables together you can either utilize Velcro bands or a cable raceway, then direct them to the power outlet.
  • Hanging – with this method you will minimize the number of cables hanging from the peripherals, pc, and desktops behind the desk. Instead of attaching all the wires under a surface, you minimize the number of cables you want to see hanging. A cable mounting sleeve is a perfect solution for that – it is flexible and can contain a lot of wires. Alternatively, you can mimic its effect with a lot of Velcro bands. If you want to hide the remaining pile somehow, a cable box will contain everything neatly.

To get a better overview of how exactly to manage all this, you can take a look at how TechSource does it in his video tutorial. You can also see the different materials he used, which we mentioned earlier.

Here is a list of items you can purchase online to help you with your cable management:

5. Freestyle!

Now that you planned, organized and chose your preferred method, you have an overview of what you can do to take it to the next level. You can drill holes straight from the speakers for example. However, that means they might need to always stay in that position.

From here on it’s all up to you how you want to improve the clean look of your battlestation, with the Envavo Heatbuff’s cable tucked in neatly! You can pre-order it by clicking on this link.  Nevertheless, starting with this cable management guide will definitely pay off!

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