4 Reasons Why Infrared Light Improves Gaming Performance

As sports evolve, athletes continuously try to find new ways to improve their performance. Whether it is new training routines, diets, restitution or performance enhancers, they will always strive to take themselves further. The world of science is ready to comply with this demand.

Infrared radiation or infrared lighting has become an interesting subject in the realm of sports. The reason for this is because of its many health benefits. Infrared lighting becomes most interesting when it impacts performance in areas where nothing else has made an impact before.

What is infrared lighting exactly?

Infrared lighting is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength outside of what the human eye can observe. The light gets its name because it lies just beyond the wavelength of red light. The difference in wavelengths makes lighting like infrared able to penetrate human tissue, thus having a medical impact on our bodies. Infrared lasers and saunas are built to the purpose of emitting infrared radiation to certain areas our bodies in order for us to become healthier. Infrared lighting is known to speed up healing, improving blood circulation and many other things.

Sure, quick recovery is important for any athletes, but how can infrared lighting improve gaming performance of eSports athletes?

How can infrared lighting help me become a better eSports athlete?

Like any other athlete, there are ways in which gamers can improve their performance by introducing infrared lighting in their daily routine. Besides the many health benefits, there are concrete reasons to why you should use infrared radiation. We have listed 4 relevant reasons why infrared lighting improves gaming performance.

1. Muscle recovery

Spending many hours every day improving your skills is tiresome for most people. Like any other physical activity, your muscles are getting stressed and have to recover after each session. As in any other sport, you can only deliver a top performance if your body is at its strongest. Precision and reaction time will always be affected if your muscles are getting tired or used up.

Your muscles need the necessary time to recover, which often can be a bother because you want to keep improving. Infrared lighting is proven to help speed up the recovery periods by reducing inflammation and soreness. This allows you to practice more often, but also at a higher intensity.

At Envavo, we always encourage our gamers to live a healthy lifestyle while gaming, which is why we often suggest you exercise in between games. If you are the type of gamer who follows our suggestions, chance are you are using your muscles quite often, which emphasizes this reason even more!

Having a healthy diet is also recommended if you want to speed up the recovery process. Infrared lighting will not lift your performance as much if you live off poptarts – Sorry!

2. Treats arthritis and improves joint movement

You don’t have to have issues with arthritis to read this!

If you are having joints pain or poor function in your hand, infrared lighting is an excellent treatment. Players who have serious issues with pains in their hand often rely on clinical treatment which obviously has a negative effect on gaming performance.

Since infrared radiation can penetrate the skin, the lighting treats arthritic joints and thereby reduce the pain from long game sessions. This will not only treat the joints but will also allow more function in our hands due to the reduced inflammation.

If you think this does not apply to you, think again. We often relate arthritis and joint pains with the elderly people. The reason why people are having these pains when they become old is that their hands have seen a lot of use over the years. When it comes to joint stress, your hands don’t see any difference between playing Counter-Strike or sewing sweaters.

Therefore, you should also look at infrared lighting as a tool for prevention.

3. Improve blood circulation

This is perhaps the most important reasons why you should use infrared lighting while gaming. As an eSports athlete, your hands are your most precious tool. Reduced inflammation and speedy recovery are obviously important to you, but if you are suffering from bad blood circulation, you are going to experience cold hands while gaming.

Having cold hands while gaming has become a huge problem for many gamers. Aim, precision, reaction time and endurance are all affected by the warmth in your hands. Even if you are feeling warm, you can still experience cold hands. This happens because your adrenaline is redirecting the blood flow to your vital organs.

Infrared lighting will maintain a steady flow of blood in your hands regardless of the situation. This will make your hands feel warm without being uncomfortable or sweaty.

As the issue with cold hands, while gaming is becoming more realized, gamers are looking for solutions to this. Unfortunately, the solutions are not many.

If you are looking for a way to improve your precision, react faster and aim better, cold hands should be completely eliminated. Learn about cold hands and how to avoid it here.

4. Improve your mood

If you really are looking to improve your gaming performance, you should always play with a smile on your face, regardless of how poorly you – ehm, we mean your teammates, are playing!

Your mood has a huge effect on your gaming performance. If you are short-tempered or tends to be moody when things are not going your way, chances are you are not improving your performance.

It is proven that infrared radiation improves mood by increasing levels of serotonin. Some people visit infrared saunas for this reason only. Infrared light treatment has shown to have a positive long-term effect on anxiety and depression.

Most gamers are playing multiplayer, which is why bad behavior and general toxicity between players is the main restriction to further improvements. Keep a positive attitude while gaming will not only make the game more enjoyable, but it will also allow you to become a better player. If you are curious to how to become even better, read this (7 tips).

So lets put a smile on that face!

But how can I use infrared lighting while gaming?

Infrared radiation is a fairly accessible source of lighting. The reason why it is not one of your common household items is that you haven’t had any use of it. Unless you are a government spy with an infrared camera obviously!

Sadly, you do not need a fancy space laser to produce infrared lighting. You can buy an infrared light bulb just as you would buy a normal one, but having a device to put it in, is a different story.

The Envavo Heatbuff is an infrared device designed to aim infrared radiation at our hands, in order for us to receive the benefits listed above! If you are interested to see a device that completely eliminates cold hands, take a look here.

What are the side effects of infrared radiation?

The reasons why we should use infrared lighting while gaming is many, but shouldn’t there be any reasons why not to use it? – Not really.

Like any other source of light, infrared lighting can damage your eyes if you look straight into a considerably strong ray of light. If you are having trouble avoiding looking straight into the sun on a daily basis, this device is not for you. All jokes aside, infrared radiation to the face has raised a concern about the reduction of clarity in our eye lens, due to ions and enzymes passage to the lens being damaged.

We often hear that too much exposure to UV-lighting can be damaging. This is because the radiation penetrates our skin more effectively than visible lighting which can result in photoaging. Photoaging affects our skin in many ways. One of the popular effects are the changes in skin pigmentation, which is why we often expose ourselves to UV lighting when we want to look more tanned.

Since infrared radiation also penetrates the skin, the same concerns regarding photoaging also apply here.

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