Hand Warmer ESL Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Katowice

What is that hand warmer from ESL IEM Katowice? Well… it’s an Envavo Heatbuff. We spent 2.5 years developing the perfect infrared heater for gamers who need a hand warmer to keep focus on the game. We developed it to make everyone perform well during gaming, and to improve reaction time, focus, and performance. That’s why we are now on stage at the Intel Extreme Masters 2019, to help the pro players perform at their highest levels at all times. During the event it seems they are asked if they want to try the product and it seems they like … Read more

February Update (with pictures!)

Tuesday we started assembly, and we want to show you some pictures and videos of the final product as well as how things are going. We’re super excited to finally be at this stage of our journey and we are happy that you gave us the opportunity to pursue this dream.  We cannot wait to ship these products out to you guys, which is probably going to be somewhere around early March. Here are some pictures! Delivery date We expect to deliver by early March. We are getting up to speed and the assembly process is becoming faster and faster. … Read more

January Update

It’s time for an update, one that has been requested a lot in the past days so we are excited to share this month’s update with you all! The reason we have been waiting a bit with the update was because we had a meeting with our plastics supplier and we went to confirm the final plastic parts, which is the biggest part about finishing up production. Production We have received everything from our suppliers from all over the world, and everything is now in Denmark ready to be assembled. This includes all electrical and non electrical parts, metals and … Read more

4 Reasons Why Infrared Light Improves Gaming Performance

As sports evolve, athletes continuously try to find new ways to improve their performance. Whether it is new training routines, diets, restitution or performance enhancers, they will always strive to take themselves further. The world of science is ready to comply with this demand. ​ Infrared radiation or infrared lighting has become an interesting subject in the realm of sports. The reason for this is because of its many health benefits. Infrared lighting becomes most interesting when it impacts performance in areas where nothing else has made an impact before. What is infrared lighting exactly? Infrared lighting is electromagnetic radiation … Read more

December Update

It’s time for another update on our production, and this time we have some cool pictures for you as well. During the weekend we visited ESL Pro League Finals in Odense, where we got to meet some special people and showcase our product which was great fun. We got a lot of nice feedback and people seemed to love the product. When walking around with the boxes in our new packaging people were really turning heads to see what this new ‘cool’ product was about! Visiting Our Danish Production Partner When we visited about a month ago this was what … Read more

6 tips on how to avoid having cold hands while gaming

As the eSports scene is becoming more popular and competitive, players around the world are doing their absolute best to stay at the top of their game. Optimal game performance is never without complications. We must all admit, that we have complained about performance issues like mouse sensitivity and internet connection before, but now we are addressing a more common and serious issue. As a gamer or sports athlete, your hands are your most essential tool. High performing players need to make precise reactions in even the tightest of situations. Many people suffer from cold hands while gaming, and even … Read more

September/October Update – Envavo Heatbuff

Hi dear backers and community members! First of all – we apologize for the delay on this update, many have requested updates, but there has been a lot of different things that had to fall into place before we wanted to send it out. This is an update we all have been waiting for for a long time, and it’s something we’re extremely happy to announce. WE HAVE OFFICIALLY STARTED PRODUCTION! Below is an update on all the components. Remember: with any production line that has a lot of suppliers, it’s still possible with delays. If just one thing is delayed, … Read more


As requested we have now made the cool wallpapers for you guys, featuring our logo of which we are VERY proud! Our logo is an arrow which shows the improvement of your performance, as well as a flame which symbolizes comfort. Feel free to download and share with your friends? Here’s a link to the full HD resolution wallpapers, for both desktop and phones! Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gio9vssawtcyzvw/AADbp0xrxJS5sGlrK1-zVwPVa?dl=0  Mobile wallpaper Desktop wallpaper

What Role Should You Play in Dota 2?

Dota 2 offers many different roles. In many ways it’s the most complex moba out there with so many different heroes and roles that break the meta. Back in DotA there we’re many roles as well, but with Dota 2 this has become even more complex, so it’s important for you to find a role / position that fits your personality, so you won’t end up becoming mad about playing your role. If you’re like me, you’re playing in a team and you want to know exactly what role or position fits you the best. That’s why we have made … Read more

League of Legends Role Test – Which is Your Role?

Which lane or role should you play in League of Legends? This is the perfect LoL / League of Legends role test for you if you’re struggling with picking one main lane to play! After answering all the questions you should have a clear idea about which role fits you and your playstyle the most. Whether it’s the aggressive reckless marksman or the caring support, find out by taking the test below. The quiz is made by experienced players who want to help other lol-players to find their path in the game in a fun way! Did you enjoy our … Read more