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Become a better gamer

Esports and gaming is more than just a hobby. It's a lifestyle and some of us are in it to win it. If you want to beat your enemies and become a better gamer in no time, you need to read The Ultimate Gamer Guide by Envavo Gaming.

We interviewed lots of professional players, got help from professional mental sports coaches and a lot more to bring you the best content possible!

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The Ultimate Gamer Guide by Envavo Gaming

We spend nearly a month of hard work writing the Ultimate Gamer Guide for everyone who wants to dominate in their favorite esport, whether that be LoL, Dota 2, PUBG, Fortnite, CS:GO or something completely different.

Here are some of the points that we'll teach you:

  • Mental training that almost only professionals use
  • Physical training to improve reaction time and performance
  • How to practice in-game for optimal improvement
  • How to find a dedicated team
  • Which gear to choose if you want to dominate
  • How you choose the right attitude to motivate teammates
  • How to learn from professional players

... And so much more!

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The Ultimate Gamer Guide

How do I become a better gamer?

As everything else in life, you need to be dedicated before you can achieve greatness. You become a better gamer through hard work and dedication. If you truly believe that you have what it takes to become better at gaming, this guide is going to give you the key insights and the necessary push for you to reach a higher level of gaming.

The ultimate gaming guide covers key areas that you must consider if you want to excel in gaming or esports.

Esport has become bigger than ever, and it is the desire of most dedicated gamers to raise their performance higher and follow the esports trends. Becoming an esports athlete is not an easy task. To become an esports athlete you must dedicate time and effort into all aspects of gaming. This includes practice, mental training, gaming equipment and even professional deals like sponsorships or teams.

Regardless of your ambitions with gaming, this guide will help you get started on your gaming career. You will learn to develop the correct mindset as well as having your energy focused on the most important aspects of esport and gaming.

So what aspects are we talking about? – These are some of the things you can expect in the eBook.

Practice gaming

In order to become a better gamer, you need to practice your game with the intention of becoming better. This means you shouldn’t expect joyful game time throughout all the practice, but rather tiresome and repetitive exercises as you would see in any other sports practice.

You practice gaming by playing your desired game, but you will learn the most if you playing to improve and not playing to have fun. Obviously, you want to have fun playing, but when it comes to practice, it’s not only fun and games.

Learn better precision, accuracy and reaction time.

By the time you have finished reading this eBook, you know how to practice increases reaction time, precision, speed and accuracy in gaming.

You increase your precision and reaction time by playing maps and games made specifically for precision training to practice of reaction time.

Furthermore, you will improve your gameplay by concentrated practice and never having cold hands while gaming.

Cold hands decrease your gaming performance

Having cold hands while gaming dramatically disrupts your gaming performance and skills. You have cold hands when you are gaming because of poor blood circulation in your hands.

The reason why the blood does not flow to your hands is often related to the stress and adrenaline that occurs while gaming. You can avoid this and decrease the cold hands while gaming by having your blood flow regulated through techniques that focuses on generating heat in your hands.

This guide offers great tips on how to avoid the phenomenon like water treatment, diet and hardware.

Using the Envavo Heatbuff completely eliminates cold hands while gaming, so you never feel physical limitation while becoming a better gamer. Read more about the Envavo Heatbuff here.

Learn how to become professional yourself

This guide focuses on best practices from professional gamers, which is why we always recommend you learn from the professionals. How can you become a professional gamer, if you don’t look at those who are already there?

In order to learn techniques and improve your gaming skills, you should seek out professional players and consume all possible tips, tricks, strategies and tactics. We will help you find relevant influencers who intend to improve your gaming skills.

Influencers like streamers are also good at teaching ways to improve precision, reaction time and aim. Chances are, these streamers have spent countless hours practicing too.

Develop a healthy mentality while gaming

One of the most important aspects of gaming is the mental state. In order to be a better gamer, you must focus on your mentality.

As well as you need to do game practice, you also need to do mental practice. We are offering great advice on how to mentally prepare yourself before you strive for greatness. By the time you have read this eBook, you have received great insight on how to develop the right mindset and how you can cope with stress and pressure.

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