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We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!


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Our vision

We believe in keeping esports innovative. We believe in challenging how games are played. We seek to keep professionals at their highest level and help casuals to become better players. We do this by developing remarkable, effective and innovative products.

Therefore we designed the Envavo Heatbuff.

Mads Sørensen

As a former professional esports athlete, Mads is responsible for Envavo's esports activites. He handles sponsorships with professional teams. Mads is also the administrative mastermind behind Envavo, as he handles the company's economy and administrative tasks.

Emil Frølund

With many years of experience within entrepreneurship and ecommerce, Emil handles Envavo's web, marketing, press and sales. Emil takes care of the streamers and youtubers who cooperate with Envavo.

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